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The most experienced criminal lawyers provide skillful defense for any type of criminal charges, including the following:

  • Drug crimes
  • White collar crime
  • Drunk driving / DWI
  • Serious driving violations
  • Violent crimes
  • Theft and property crimes
  • Nuisance crimes

Not all crimes are equally serious under the lawbut anyone charged with a St. Louis crime needs legal support from a criminal lawyer who has a strong understanding of the laws surrounding each specific area of criminal law.
Misdemeanor charges
A misdemeanor is considered to be a minor crime. But, in most cases anyone charged with a misdemeanor crime still needs the skills of a criminal lawyer to ensure the best possible resolution for the case. While many DWI charges are prosecuted as misdemeanors, they carry serious penaltiesincluding significant jail time. And even a minor nuisance case can blemish your criminal record if the public defender pressures you to plead guilty in exchange for probation and community service. Skilled dwi lawyers in Saint Louis at The Webly Law Firm, LLC work hard to keep your record clean.
Felony charges
Few people would consider facing felony charges in Saint Louis without the assistance of a criminal defense lawyerin fact, they quickly learn of their right to legal representation when their Miranda rights are read to them during an arrest. Whatever the charges, it makes sense to find criminal defense lawyers that have extensive experience defending cases similar to your own. The best lawyers recognize that each case is uniquebut, the lessons learned from prior successes provide a solid foundation to build future cases.
Choose a Saint Louis criminal defense lawyer with exceptional experience
When you choose The Welby Law Firm, LLC you benefit from having Saint Louis criminal defense lawyers with over two decades of experience in your corner. We care about our clients and our hard work and effective communication has earned us a solid reputation within the legal community. We explore every avenue to ensure the best possible results for your case.
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The Welby Law Firm, LLC, was founded by St. Louis criminal defense attorney Stephen R. Welby. As a former federal prosecutor, Mr. Welby is a St. Louis criminal defense lawyer who has worked on both sides of the courtroom, offering him a unique perspective in criminal cases.

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Criminal Defense In Saint Louis

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This article was published on 2010/10/07