Criminal Defense Lawyer: What They Do

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White collar crime is no less serious than other criminal law cases, but it does deal with such things as tax fraud, evasion, corporate espionage, insider trading, and other like crimes.  White collar crimes are generally working class citizen cases.

The criminal defense lawyer is working on behalf of the defendant in the case.  It means the lawyer must show evidence that their client is not guilty of the crime by rebutting the federal, state, or city DA.  Since the United States is of the society in which criminals are innocent until proven guilty, the burden of proof falls on the DA.

In white collar crimes law enforcement generally does not move on a suspect unless they have enough evidence.  However, there are times where evidence can be misleading or a person is falsely accused due to a set up.  No matter the reason for charges to be brought against someone their best course of action is to hire a criminal defense lawyer to represent them.

There are two ways a person accused of a crime can plead.  They can immediately plead guilty and take their punishment or they can plead innocent.  The court will decide on a just punishment if the person accused is found guilty.  A judge and jury or just the judge can be present during proceedings.

When you need a criminal defense lawyer you will want to pick a company or person to represent you that you can trust.  If you live in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and need federal, state, or city representation you can find numerous criminal defense lawyers online.  However, you might want to choose one that has extensive experience with winning cases.

A criminal defense lawyer with a good reputation, top references, and a desire to see you acquitted will help immensely in your case.  Joffe Law is a firm that has been operating for several years.  Joffe himself has been a lawyer since 1989.  Joffe Law offers international representation, as well as local defense.  The staff at this law firm is multilingual to help you.

Even for those who are not accused of a crime a criminal defense lawyer can be beneficial.  The second thing many attorneys do is help a witness that is called before a grand jury.  If you find yourself in with questions about the process or feel representation is needed during your witness testimony a company like Joffe Law can help.

Stockbrokers, lawyers, doctors, and other working people who find they need representation at the federal level should seek a qualified criminal defense lawyer to represent them.  Often the more experience the more an attorney can advise you on the best course of action.

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Criminal Defense Lawyer: What They Do

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This article was published on 2010/09/17